AI Summit

The Bletchley Park AI Summit begins in just two days and is already generating plenty of news stories and a small but growing series of articles on the website.

It’s helpful to see five objectives layed out, which are:

  1. A shared understanding of the risks posed by frontier AI and the need for action
  2. A forward process for international collaboration on frontier AI safety, including how best to support national and international frameworks
  3. Appropriate measures which individual organisations should take to increase frontier AI safety
  4. Areas for potential collaboration on AI safety research, including evaluating model capabilities and the development of new standards to support governance
  5. Showcase how ensuring the safe development of AI will enable AI to be used for good globally

There was also a significant announcement from the White House today about their AI policy and the launch of

Call me cynical, but for lots of talk around risk and safety, both the UK and US announcements seem rather more focused on seizing the initiative (being seen as the ‘leader’), placing regulatory control in the hands of government and seeking to gain an economic advantage of the AI revolution.

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