The Bletchley Declaration

On the first day of the Bletchley AI Summit, all 28 attending nations signed a declaration. It’s signed by the usual Western subjects but encouragingly has a good diversity including; China, Brazil, India, Saudia Arabia and Kenya

You can read the full text of the declaration here.

The declaration sets opportunities alongside risks and concludes with a brief plan for the work ahead.

In the context of our cooperation, and to inform action at the national and international levels, our agenda for addressing frontier AI risk will focus on:

  • identifying AI safety risks of shared concern, building a shared scientific and evidence-based understanding of these risks, and sustaining that understanding as capabilities continue to increase, in the context of a wider global approach to understanding the impact of AI in our societies.
  • building respective risk-based policies across our countries to ensure safety in light of such risks, collaborating as appropriate while recognising our approaches may differ based on national circumstances and applicable legal frameworks. This includes, alongside increased transparency by private actors developing frontier AI capabilities, appropriate evaluation metrics, tools for safety testing, and developing relevant public sector capability and scientific research.

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