Theologians and AI

Yesterday, there was a facinating discussion on the future of AI. Elon Musk sat down with Benjamin Netanyahu, Max Tegmark and Greg Brockman.

The spread of AI scenarios on offer range from ‘Human Extinction’ to ‘Paradise’ – quite a variance!

There’s some interesting discussion early on about ‘Building Trust’ – could AI be constrained by ‘Formal Verification’, to prove itself to be ‘good’? There also seems to be a genuine desire to see power and the benefits of AI shared across society – “to see all boats rise”.

But deeper questions develop.

Musk asks:
– “Is there work in Heaven?”
– “What could be bad about living in Paradise?”
– “Will death be a choice?”

So much of our language around these questions are not just steeped in philosophy and ethics, but very often, specifically Christian ethics.

Might it be, that theologians and pastors have wisdom to share here? Far from being anti-progress or anti-science, Christians have been at the forefront of Western revolutions in science and technology across the centuries. Why not this one?

I think ‘Theologians’ might be able to help with some of these BIG questions!

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