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King Charles on AI

As the Bletchley AI Summit began today this short video from King Charles was released. Like his Father, Charles has been an advocate for technology and innovation, he’s able to see the huge potential, revolutionary opportunities of AI. Yet, he appeals for international collaboration to recognise and manage risk, keeping it safe and secure. King […]

Tegmark vs. LeCun

Most of my recent engagement with AI thoughy has been with those calling for a pause and warning of the risks; the likes of Max Tegmark and Stuart Russell. The other evening Tegmark became embroilled in a small Twitter (X) spatt with Yaan LeCun – you can follow the whole thread below: LeCun, amongst other […]

Sunak on AI

Next week the UK will host an AI Safety Summit in Bletchley. In preparation Rishi Sunak delivered a speech this week to set the scene. Here are some highlights: The main appeal of the speech is one of honesty – being upfront about the risks, but also hopeful of the opportunities.

Pause AI

There were some rather large protests taking place in London in recent weeks highlighting the current conflict in Gaza. So you could be forgiven for missing the rather smaller “Pause AI” protest. What are they protesting about? They are highlighting the present and future risks of AI; fake media, bias, economic instability, weapons, hacking and […]

AI Pause

In March 2023 an open letter was written, now signed by over 30,000 people, calling on all AI labs to pause the training of AI systems (more powerful than GPT-4) for 6 months. The rationale was to use this time to develop a set of shared safety protocols. You can read the open letter here […]

AI in Warfare

In his second Reith Lecture in 2021, Stuart Russell addresses the theme of AI in warfare. The first thought is this is a red-line not to cross, of course we wouldn’t want to create a robot army… but of course ethical dilemmas aren’t easy. Aside from these one can also imagine humanitarian and defensive usage […]

Theologians and AI

Yesterday, there was a facinating discussion on the future of AI. Elon Musk sat down with Benjamin Netanyahu, Max Tegmark and Greg Brockman. The spread of AI scenarios on offer range from ‘Human Extinction’ to ‘Paradise’ – quite a variance! There’s some interesting discussion early on about ‘Building Trust’ – could AI be constrained by […]